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Cordeilia Plunket, aka Holy Moly, has been involved in the creative industries all her working life and has earned a well-deserved name as an award winning film and music producer receiving the prestigious Royal Television Society Craft and Design Award on 2011/12.


Through her love of everything film and music Cordelia has proudly worked alongside outstanding directors, actors and global artists – including David Bowie, Adele, The Prodigy, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foals (to name a few). Providing inspiration along her journey she has now turned her passion into new art forms in the creation of mixed media sculptures. Influenced by taxidermy her works are the reimaginging of iconic film scenes in minature form, compelled by a dark, ironic and humourous sensibility. Each vignette is designed to capture a filmic moment in time.


100% ethically sourced, her actors have been treated respectfully and with painstaking care to create, in animal form, the characters they represent.


Intricate details and handmade tiny minatures form a bespoke and unique art work, some of them taking several months to complete. The dioramas are beautifully housed in vintage bell jars (recognisable for their ‘blood spattered’ ceilings or snow capped lids) and stunning retre television sets.

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Three of Holy Moly’s works are currently in the collection of James Perkins at Parnham Park formerly at Aynhoe Park and another sits ‘loud and proud’ in Liam Howlett’s (The Prodigy) studio in London, with others making their way around the UK and Europe, joining other incredible collections.


In January 2021, her work was exhibited in a curated online art exhibition and auction alongside legends such as Banksy, Keith Haring, Tracy Emin, Andy Warhol, Dali, Roy Lichtenstein and Sir Peter Blake and was most recently part of an exhibition in aid of TUSK at the Soho Review Gallery. More exciting exhibitions coming up starting in March 2022.

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