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Founded in 2021, Wolfe Walker is a London based nomadic curatorial collaboration between Mandy d’Abo and Penny Walker.

Wolfe Walker specialises in discovering talented, early and mid-career artists and introducing them to a public audience by staging pop-up exhibitions to facilitate engagement, networking and collecting opportunities.


Wolfe Walker is committed to raising the profile of the talented artists we feature.


Mandy d’Abo founded and ran the Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong for 12 years, staging over 200 exhibitions featuring the work of prolific international artists. Her passion is to cultivate relationships with contemporary artists and collectors. With an eye for early and emerging artists, she has launched the careers and brought a roster of fresh and thought-provoking artists to an international collecting forum.


Penny Walker advises private sector clients on building contemporary art collections with a focus on early and mid-career artists. Walker researches and finds new creative talent to bring to the design table, working with architects and clients to deliver unique, museum quality works at affordable prices. Walker is an arts lawyer with law firm Constantine Cannon and has an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She also supports the creative arts as a patron of the RA Schools and as a backer to a London based contemporary art gallery.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our future exhibition programme.

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