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Gabriela Kemble-Diaz explores the strangeness of our time, focusing on her immediate surroundings and the chaotic nature of our more extended, digitalised world. Gabriela mostly works with oils, acrylics and ink pen, which creates work that is both rich and expressive. Her practice investigates the effects of the media as she explores the impact of our digital environments on who we are and what we believe in. Whilst doing this, Gabriela also explores how the media influences our interactions with the real world and thus our relationships with others.


Her works during lockdown acknowledges the dreariness of what we have missed, whilst still remains encouraging, as it captures light in an otherwise dark situation. Gabriela uses social media as a force for change, she notices how it can quickly become a melting pot of panic and anxiety, so tries to refocus this energy towards hope and humour.


The works curated for this ‘Lockdown Series One 2020’ were originally created in Gabriela’s sketch books, during the first lockdown in which she drew and documented daily

‘Day One to Day 58’ . These original drawings were then individually scanned, mastered and produced as Giclee fine art prints, signed by the artist.

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