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Intimacy and humanness between strangers is something we have drifted further and further from in the western world. My dream is to shift our disconnected societies to ones which embody a close sense of community. I believe art is the answer. 

I’m Vix, 19 years old and just got back from solo travelling in India (classic I know). I am half danish, half American and grew up in London. Recently I have been facilitating Art therapy, meditation and yoga classes for young children (aged 5-16 years old). This brought me a profound amount of joy and peace. I have come to understand arts powers of connecting and healing the communities it creates. I hope to project supportive energy through art, to paint feelings of openness and intimacy between artists and viewers. 

My aspirations are to promote healing through spirituality, activism and creativity. I’m grateful to hone in on these skills at the Royal hospital for Neuro-disability where I will be leading breath-work sessions and art classes. In September, I will begin my journey at Savanah college of art and design. At SCAD I look forward to exploring new skills in varying art mediums, alongside psychology and sustainability courses.

Art has uplifted me as well as grounded me. I want to share this feeling with others. 

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