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Hannah Scott - Wolfe Walker

'The thought behind this body of work stems from the writings of the twentieth century philosopher Gilles Deleuze. How folds and drapery, particularly in baroque art, can be a metaphor for the physical and non-physical world and the continuum between. 


The work developed in the aftermath of covid, during a global metal health crisis. More people suffering from anxiety and depression than ever before. These wafer-thin, fragile, porcelain folds all have a knot in them. And are isolated, cut off, by clear acrylic boxes.'

CC - Overview


 2022 Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts.(Distinction)

2022 Introduction to print Making, Heatherley School of Fine Art

 2011 FRCA, Royal College of Anaethetists.

 2005 MBBCh, University of Wales College of Medicine

 2003 BSc (International Health), University College London,  


 Selected shows

 2023 Heatherley Summer Print Show, Lots Road, London



2022  Simply This, The Lungley Gallery, 53 great Portland Street, London

 2022  Slate Sponge Witness, Final Year Show, Chelsea College of Art, London

 2022  ‘I’m In It’, Safehouse 1&2, 139 Copeland Road, London

 2022 ‘Bog [art]’,The Morgue, Chelsea College of Art, London

 2022 ‘Nexus’, Triangle Gallery, London

 2021 ‘Solstice’, Group Show , Open Studio, Chelsea College of Art, London

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